CANTGTI2.3 adapter CAN with TIME 

The CANTGTI2.3 tachograph adapter is used in urban wagons where tachograph is not required under current legislation. Vehicle engine electronics require CAN tachograph information about speed, mileage, time, etc. The time in the adapter is backed up by a Li-Ion battery. This adapter generates all necessary tachograph messages and sends them to CAN J1939.

The adapter feeds the speed sensor and monitors the connection to the sensor. If the communication between the sensor and the adapter is broken, it reports an error. The adapter has a tachograph output signal modified B7 and B8 (4 impulses/meter). When the power supply is connected, the adapter sends the set vehicle constant. After connecting the keys, the adapter starts transmitting HRDV, TD, TCO1, and B7, B8 pulses. When programming the adapter, the car keys must be switched on.

This CANTGTI-02 tachograph adapter is homologated in the SOR Libchavy.

When using a cable (CANTG cable), we plug the yellow and white plugs into the tachograph - interchangeable.