CM1,5 machine electronics 2017  

We supply complete electronic and electrical equipment to the CM1,5T composting machine. The remote control is equipped with a radio frequency of 433MHz. Two START and STOP functions are controlled by the remote control. When the START button is pressed, the pressing process starts. The sensors on the machine evaluate the position of the push plate and, when the pressing is complete, the machine's push plate returns to the starting position. The entire process can be stopped immediately after pressing the STOP button. The machine can also be operated from a panel located directly on the machine.

Machine description:

CM 1.5 - T is a tractor-driven compost filler in bags. The machine is very simple in relation to the drive system, as the drive is used by the hydraulic pump of the tractor that fills the hydraulic piston of the machine. The machine is controlled by the remote control so the machine can be used to fill the machine with the front loader.