machine electronics 2017

We supply the complete electronic and electrical equipment of the EB310LG silage press. Features a remote control with a Bluetooth-enabled graphical display. All electric ON / OFF valves and proportional valves on the press are controlled by the remote control. Shooting the wheels is controlled by the joystick control. All the important information about the press operation is displayed on the remote control and only the states of the switched outputs and the communication between the transmitter and the receiver are shown on the receiver by LEDs. The remote control has an auto-off feature. This function is activated after 5 minutes of inactivity of the remote control. This feature maximizes the time when the remote control is not needed to charge.

The receiver of this press can also be controlled via an Android mobile phone. Play.google.com will download the app named EB310 LG Controller.

Machine description:

The silo press EB 310 LG is currently the most popular of all models. It has gained its popularity especially thanks to its optimum speed, stability, high performance and uniform filling of the bag. The speed and poles are also played in the cards The EB 310 LG Silage press is technically advanced and uses state-of-the-art accessories on the market. Its hydraulic system is adapted to LOAD SENSING with the fuel economy of the tractor. In addition, you can choose from 2 tunnel variants - a smaller combination of tunnels 2.4 + 2.7 m or larger tunnels 2.7 + 3.0 m. All tunnels have an extension for an elimination of bumps on a silage bag. During the preparation for a vacuum And massive construction.