F-2B.04 motor periphery Karosa

The engine peripheral electronics perform several functions. Converts the PWM engine oil pressure signal (166Hz) from the engine electronics to the corresponding signal for the MFA-10 instrument. This conversion corresponds to the characteristics of KMGY. Converts the IVECO temperature sensor characteristic to the corresponding KMGY sensor characteristic. It switches the engine oil warning light on a condition that:

> Engine temperature> 55 ° C

> Engine oil filter switch closed

Switches the water indicator in the fuel. The water sensor contacts in the fuel are energized by an alternating voltage. After connecting the sensor contacts with water (inputs 21,11) - after approx. 50 seconds, the water in the fuel indicator lights up.

The engine oil level indicator flashes when the electrical circuit of the shutter I or II is interrupted. Engine oil and key switching on. The ELM engine oil valves are closed when the ignition switch is closed (+15). When the ignition key is switched off (+15), the engine oil shut-off delay I and II occur. After 5 sec.

F-2B.04 controls the engine oil pump. The pump is connected to the electrical circuit in front of the electrical battery disconnector (+300). After stopping the engine, the pump output for max. 45 seconds closes for 1-2 seconds. Termination of the pump runs when the engine is restarted or the emergency switch is on. The pump test is performed at the time the ignition is switched on. The pump circuit resistance is measured, which can be up to 45 ohms. If this resistance is higher, the engine oil level warning light will come on. An intelligent RBD-21IQ relay is connected to the pump's F-2B output.