The PES Electronic Book of Records is a device that is fixed in the vehicle, connected to GPS antennas, GSM and connected to the vehicle's onboard network. ECK is designed for passenger, freight, utility and TAXI vehicles in which 12V or 24V onboard voltage is available. The manual provides basic information for ECG installation in the vehicle. It is advisable to have the installation carried out by a specialist workshop, preferably an authorized service center for the respective vehicle brand, or you can order a specialist assembly training at the EKJ manufacturer.

It is a unit that is not currently being manufactured but is provided with full service. Gradually, variants for HALE, Semitron, CANBUS, and a simple version for positioning and driving registration for passenger cars were created. The unit contained 5 state inputs, 3 inputs for resistive fuel level sensors, input of the ignition box, and the speed of the alternator.