PH120P with piezo siren

The PH-120P fire detector is designed to trigger an alarm when the ambient temperature of the sensor is above 120 ° C. The control electronics in the car evaluates two temperature sensors that are located in the engine section of the car. The electronics signal the temperature increase in the engine compartment in two ways. He intermittently switches the indicator on the driver's dashboard and intermittently switches the internal piezo siren into the unit. The siren can be switched off at the time of the alarm after the driver has been acknowledged (the indicator can not be turned off). Confirmation is done by turning the key off and on again. The siren is off, but the LED flashes continuously. The fire detector will no longer signal an increase in temperature when the temperature drops below 115 ° C and disconnects and connects the sprouts.

If the wagon is not wired and the temperature in the sensor is over 120 ° C, the electronics intermittently switches the internal piezo siren (light off).

The internal piezo siren can be controlled by an external signal (the siren continuously whistles when the input is aligned).

Electronics testing: short the wires from the temperature sensor (blue, green/yellow). The unit will start to signal temperature overheat. Do not short-circuit the conductor brown and (blue, green/yellow) !!!