PM-SOR CNG 3 motor periphery SOR.

The engine peripheral electronics perform several functions.

Converts the signal from the fuel tank pressure sensor to the corresponding signal for the MFA-10 instrument.

It creates a stabilized voltage for the gas pressure sensor.

It amplifies the signal from the accelerator pedal for further use. The input signal from the accelerator is minimally loaded.

It keeps the electronic switch disconnected when the keys are turned off for about 45 seconds. This time is given by the time needed to power the engine electronics after switching off the keys.

It cancels the speed and speed pulse signal for further processing in the MFA-10.

Switches the gas tank valve with this function:

1. When the key is switched on, the valve closes immediately

2. On the input (pin no. 4) a signal is displayed on the running motor - the valve is still closed

3. after input signal is lost (pin 4, motor is stopped) - the valve is switched on for 5 seconds and then switches off