TGBOX card reader

TGBox GSM Basic is a unique driver card reader that transmits data via GSM.

Why do I need to download data?

Based on "Commission Regulation (EU) No 581/2010" there is an obligation for professional drivers to withdraw their driver card at least once in 28 days.

How does the GSM DOWNLOAD BOX work?

Once the driver card is inserted into the device, it is automatically read. The data file is sent via GSM to the Internet server. Once the file is based on the database, an email is created, in which the downloaded file is attached. The email is then sent to an authorized email address. 

Archiving data from digital tachographs

With the GSM DOWNLOAD BOX, you comply with the legislation on data storage from digital tachographs. All files are archived in an Internet application, so they are accessible from anywhere. GSM DOWNLOAD BOX downloads data from driver cards in DDD format.