TGBOX profi card reader

TGBox GSM Profi is a unique driver card reader, workshop card, and tachograph card that transmits this data via GSM.

TGBox GSM Profi is designed for anyone who needs to download data from:

  • - Driver cards
  • - Workshop cards
  • - Tachographs

TGBox GSM Profi allows you to download tachograph data in the following modes:

  • - Since the last download
  • - All data
  • - From date to date

For all tachograph download modes, the following parameters can be selected:

  • - Driver activity
  • - Speed
  • - Technical data
  • - Errors and events
  • - Reports

Once the driver card is inserted into the TGBox GSM PROFI, it is automatically read. Once the tachograph is attached, the menu is displayed, which data should be downloaded from the tachograph. The data file (card or tachograph) is then sent via GSM to the data server where it is stored. Once the file is based on the archive database, an e-mail is created, in which the downloaded file is attached and then sent to the user.

Package contains:

  • PES Profi
  • 220V power cable
  • 12V power cable
  • Cable for communication with the tachograph, length 3m