TGBOX terminal card reader

TGBox GSM Terminal is a unique driver card reader that sends data to a directly entered email.

For who is TGBox GSM Terminal?

TGBox GSM Terminal is designed for anyone who wants to offer the "driver card download" service.

Why do I need to download data?

Based on "Commission Regulation (EU) No 581/2010" there is an obligation for professional drivers to withdraw their driver card at least once in 28 days.

Where can TGBox GSM Terminals be located?

TGBox GSM The terminal can be permanently located on petrol pumps, restaurants, parking lots, and rest areas.

How does the TGBox GSM Terminal work?

Once the driver card is inserted into the TGBox GSM Terminal, it is automatically read. After the card is loaded, the card number determines which e-mail is to be sent from this card. This email is then submitted for confirmation. If the operator wants to send an email to a different address, there is nothing easier than entering the new email. The data file is then sent via GSM to the data server where it is stored. Once the file is based on the database, an email will be created, with the downloaded file attached.

Where are the data stored?

All files are archived in the web application and are accessible from anywhere. Each driver can log in to this application under their card number and view their data warehouse where they have all the downloaded files stored for 12 months after downloading.

What is the benefit of the TGBox GSM Terminal?

The TGBox GSM Terminal will allow you to download driver data anywhere and whenever it is needed. This makes it a universal device for downloading data from driver cards.